fem dems pipeline programming

The goal of Pipeline Programming is to encourage our community to become more civically engaged and educated about the legislative and political processes at all levels of government. This includes uplifting Fem Dems members into leaders, empowering community leaders to become viable candidates, and supporting neighborhood champions that represent our diverse community. Current programs include:

  • Advocacy Academy (a collaboration with Sacramento County Young Democrats)
  • Family Caregiver Strategic Planning
  • Resistance Resources Library

For an in-depth analysis of the goals of this programming, please review our grant application submitted to the California Democratic Party in March 2017.

Pipeline Programs are managed by the Fem Dems Pipeline Program Director. To contact, email Mary McCune at mary@femdems.org. 

Check out our current Pipeline Programming initiatives below.



The Fem Dems have partnered up with Sacramento County Young Democrats to bring quarterly trainings beginning in the summer of 2017.  The mission of the Advocacy Academy is to encourage our community members to become more civically engaged and provide participants with the tools they need to become effective and progressive leaders. 


Family Caregiver Strategic Plan

Under guidance of the Executive Board, the Fem Dems Pipeline Program Director developed a strategic plan to be more inclusive of members with family caregiver needs with 3 concrete actions under one thematic goal – variety:

  1. Event Scheduling
  2. Programming Topics
  3. Meeting Accommodations

Resistance Resources

Due to an overwhelming amount of requests from members, we have provided a list of resources to help concerned citizens and civically engaged community members track legislation, get in contact with electeds, and keep abreast current issues in the media using reliable news sources.