Denise Tugade, President

Denise Tugade is currently a Legislative Aide for Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher (D-San Diego), staffing Labor, Health, and the Select Committee on Women in the Workplace. Previously, she served as Communications Director for Assemblymember Monique Limón (D-Santa Barbara). Before working in the Legislature, Denise was an analyst for Cambria Solutions, Inc., an information technology and management consulting firm focusing on health and human services and agile human centered design.

She currently serves as the President of the Feminist Democrats of Sacramento, one of Sacramento County's largest Democratic clubs. Denise is also a co-founder of Barkada Sacramento, a community group for Filipino Americans to explore ideas around their common history, culture, and identity. She is a New Leaders Council alumna (Fellowship Class of 2016, Sacramento Chapter).

Denise received a bachelors degree in International Affairs: Conflict and Security and European and Eurasian studies, with a minor in Russian Language and Culture from The George Washington University in Washington, DC. She has also lived in Rwanda, where she worked in public health and international development.


Linda Tenerowicz, Vice President

Linda is a Legislative Aide for California State Assemblymember Rodriguez staffing public safety, health, and human services. After graduating from Loyola Marymount University with a bachelor’s degree in political science, Linda moved to Sacramento where she worked as a consultant in the Senate Public Safety Committee through the Capitol Fellows Program. In 2016, Linda helped co-found Barkada Sacramento, an organization committed to bringing together the Filipino-American community to explore ideas around identity, politics and culture. She also serves as the Vice President of the Fem Dems of Sacramento, a local Democratic Club committed to feminist values. Outside of work, Linda enjoys dancing hula and learning about Hawaiian culture and the arts.


Samhita Saquib, Secretary

Samhita graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara, with a bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies and an outside concentration in Sociology. She is currently working as an environmental analyst at Environmental Science Associates, primarily focusing on water conveyance, biological monitoring, permitting, and compliance. She spends her time outside of work volunteering for the International Rescue Committee, Planned Parenthood, and WEAVE.


Dulce Ramirez, Communications Director

Dulce Ramirez is a legislative staffer for California State Assemblymember Sabrina Cervantes.

Dulce Ramirez is the proud daughter of immigrant parents and a proud Southeast Los Angeles native from Lynwood, CA. She is a recent graduate from California State University, Dominguez Hills where she received her Bachelor’s of Arts in Political Science and a Bachelor’s of Science in Public Administration with a minor in Sociology with an emphasis in education and gender studies. Over the years, Dulce has served as a community organizer and activist and has brought student and community member’s voices to the forefront of education policy debate in Los Angeles by inspiring students to address the Los Angeles Board of Education on college access and mobilizing students to lobby elected officials on school finance reform. Ramirez has worked with other college students to build student power and create change for educational justice by attracting student and community member interest to complex and politically charged policy issues such as school finance, ethnic studies, disproportionate suspension policies, and campus climate.

Some of Dulce’s experiences include leading campaigns and coalition building, the U.S. Senate, The White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics; President's Advisory Committee in Educational Excellence, the U.S Department of Education under the Obama Administration.

Before relocating to Sacramento, Ramirez also served as the 2017-2018 Speaker & Chair of the Social Justice and Equity Committee as part of the California State Student Association (CSSA) where she was elected system-wide to serve on behalf of more than 480,000 students in California. In this role, she was responsible for ensuring that the CSU system was advancing the development of programs and policies that advance social justice and equity within the CSU, but also ensuring that public higher education entities act with commitment to social justice and equity.


Sabina Nussipov, Membership Services & Outreach Director

Sabina Nussipov graduated from UC Irvine with a degree in Public Health Science and is currently a Field Representative for Assemblymember Jim Cooper (D - Elk Grove). Previously, she worked as a case worker and advocate for refugees where she discovered her passion for political engagement and community organizing. Sabina is also on the board of the California Young Democrats Asian Pacific Islander Caucus, is involved with the Sacramento County Young Democrats, works with the Sacramento County Women and Girls Advancement Coalition, and volunteers with various organizations in Sacramento. In her free time she enjoys being with friends and family, exploring the great outdoors, and is trying to master the art of water coloring and calligraphy but may be in over her head.


Alex Flores, Political Director

Although I am new to the organization I have been involved in Sacramento politics in one way or another throughout the last 8 years. I am an Organizer with AFSCME, Council 57, which represents most workers within the Sacramento region, and have been involved in the Labor Movement for the last 6 years.


Amanda Gualderama, Finance Director

Amanda Gualderama is the Regional Government Relations Director for Sentry Insurance. Prior to working with Sentry, Amanda worked for Norwood & Associates as a Legislative Coordinator and Lobbyist. Amanda graduated from California State University, Sacramento with a BS in History in 2010 and graduated cum laude from Lincoln Law School of Sacramento in 2015. Amanda passed the California State Bar in 2015. Amanda is also on the Asian Pacific Islander Capital Association (APICA) Board at the Lobbyist Liaison.


Laura Fitzgerald, Media Relations Director

Laura is a legislative staffer for California Assembly Speaker Pro Tempore Kevin Mullin (D - San Mateo). She primarily focuses on policies pertaining to elections, healthcare, and human services. As Assemblymember Mullin’s floor staffer, her other main concentration is parliamentary procedure to assist with his duties as Presiding Officer during Assembly Floor Session.

Laura became engaged in California State politics as an undergraduate student at the University of California, Davis where she received a bachelor’s degree in political science with a minor in Spanish. As a student, she also contributed as a staff writer to The California Aggie. Laura enjoys running and participates in multiple races a year. She also spends as much time as possible outside hiking around Northern California, her favorite spot being Lake Tahoe. And, very importantly, she loves Golden Retrievers.