A Community Discussion with Fem Dems & Barkada

A Community Discussion with Fem Dems & Barkada

Crocker Art Museum (map)

Please join the Crocker Art Museum as they host a community discussion with the Fem Dems of Sacramento and Barkada on feminism, communication and privilege.

We will have three short presentations on how these topics are related and intertwine with one another. In the age of polarizing political discourse, the Crocker would like to facilitate a place of learning and positive discussions. 

Tickets are $10, admission to the museum is included. 
Contact Kristi Thielen (kristi@femdems.org) if you have any questions or visit us at our website: https://www.crockerart.org/

We look forward to seeing you at the event.

About Fem Dems of Sacramento: The mission of the Fem Dems is to promote the feminist principles of political, economic and social equality between the sexes. We are committed to promoting feminist ideals through a combination of volunteerism, community outreach, fundraising and political activism. We do this by building leadership skills, engaging community leaders, and discussing current events impacting gender equality and our local community.

About Barkada: Barkada is a place for Filipino Americans to connect back to our heritage, discuss the status of our diaspora community, and celebrate Filipino and Filipino American culture. We seek to create a safe space and a community for first and second generation FilAms to explore ideas around our common history, culture, and identity.