By Mary McCune, Pipeline Program Director

This year’s California Democratic Party Convention is just around the corner (May 19-21) and the Fem Dems are in a unique position to participate since it is being held in our own backyard! The convention will be held downtown at the Sacramento Convention Center this year.

A common misconception is that only delegates are able to participate in conventions. This is simply not true! There are so many opportunities to get involved and participate in convention as a member of the public. Here are a few opportunities you can take advantage of next month:

  • Caucuses
    The California Democratic Party has 19 recognized caucuses that have been formed to foster participation in the policy decisions and outreach programs of the party.  With caucuses such as the Asian Pacific Islander Caucus, Women’s Caucus, and Labor Caucus, you are sure to find something that tickles your fancy! Caucus meetings and membership are open to the public. You can find more here.

  • Hospitality Suites
    Hospitality suites are fun opportunities to mix and mingle with other democrats, elected officials, and maybe even a celebrity or two! These parties are held at 10pm on the first two nights of convention. Schedules for these parties are yet to be published, but keep checking the CADEM convention schedule online to stay up to date! (Registration may be required, we will provide more information as it is released!)

  • Booths
    Learn more about organizations and issues at booths stationed around the convention center. This is a great opportunity to network with other democrats with similar interests around the state and pick up free swag!

Are you looking to get even more involved? We have three opportunities for you!

  • Volunteer with the California Young Democrats!
    Help out the California Young Democrats (CYD) put one of the best parties of the year! CYD will need help with tabling, registration, reception check-in and staffing at caucus meetings. To sign up as a volunteer, please contact Sadalia King, CYD Registration Co-Chair, at

  • Volunteer for Jenny Bach Campaign for California Democratic Party Secretary
    Jenny Bach received a Fem Dems endorsement in February 2017. You can find out more about her platform here.  Jenny and her team will need volunteers on Friday and Saturday nights to help with phonebanking and data entry! For more information and to sign up as a volunteer, please email Jenny Bach at

  • Get a Credential! (quantities limited, may require $)
    Itching for more action? Grab an observer pass and watch the action up close! If you are 35/under, register for a CYD convention pass here ($60). Please note, special volunteer rates may apply. If you are 36+ and would like to gain access to credentialed areas (general sessions and committee meetings) at a discounted rate, you can sign up for the volunteer waitlist here.

Check out our handy Field Guide to the California Democratic Party Convention below where you can find an at-a-glance schedule, suggested items to bring with you, and several things to do as a member of the public!