SACRAMENTO -- Making the cover -- it's the goal of models and newsmakers across the globe.

In print, the top left above the fold has long been considered prime real estate -- the placement given to the words and images of highest importance, a place of history.

Or, after the historic Tuesday announcement naming Hillary Clinton as the Democratic party's nominee, maybe not, according to some newspaper covers across the country and right here in Sacramento.

Allie Deamwood thought it was strange to see a large picture of Clinton's husband, Bill, on the front cover of the Sacramento Bee above the story on her nomination.

"It's a man when it should be a woman. It's her spot," she said.

Brenda Sturges also found the photo choice odd.

"Well, you would think it would be Hillary," said Sturges.

Hillary was the choice of USA Today, but a lot of people coast to coast started griping on social media about not seeing the same.

The San Francisco Chronicle went with a top pic of Vice President Joe Biden over that of the first woman to secure a presidential nod from a major political party.

"I wanted to see a big smiling face of Hillary Clinton jumping for joy and unfortunately... that's not what we saw," said Caitlin Maple, the vice president of Sacramento's FemDems club.

It's a group pledged to promoting feminist principles of political, economic and social equality between the sexes.

Maple says cover choices in the Sacramento Bee and other papers speak to a latent societal bias.

"We've become so accustomed toseeing men in leadership roles that it's natural to us. And we don't acknowledge what the difficulty of having a woman on that page is and acknowledging our fear of that," she said.

The FemsDems have sent a letter to the Bee asking for fair coverage in the future.

They haven't heard back from the paper and neither has FOX40 about our own request for comment about the cover choice.

Some readers think there was no bias at work with the big picture of Bill, but rather a sympathetic rationale at work.

"She kinda needs him to kind of make it all complete," said Brenda Sturges.

"I think it's gonna kind of a be a little bit of a struggle for her to fight against Trump at this point for a variety of reasons, so she needs all the support from everybody that she possibly can," said Justin Sturges, who felt the picture of the former president conveyed some of that support.

Sean Fielding didn't believe the cover story on Hillary minus a large photo of her was all that strange since she didn't actually speak to delegates in person on Tuesday.

"If she's not on it the day she speaks, that'd be bothersome," he said.