• Set monthly and yearly goals, agendas, and projects.

  • Lead monthly Executive Board and membership meetings and events.

  • Coordinate with the PAC.

  • Lead Fem Dems growth and community involvement


  • Identify and oversee community and social projects for the Fem Dems to promote and support.

  • Innovate ways for Fem Dems to grow membership and be more involved.

  • Support and be the alternate for the President in functions and meetings as needed.

  • Support and be the alternate for the President in functions and meetings as needed.


  • Chair the Communications & Outreach Committee.

  • Manage communications to, and the maintenance of: membership and email lists.

  • Utilize social media to promote Fem Dems and keep members engaged.

  • Work with the President to maintain social media pages for general information and event updates.


  • Responsible for notes and minutes of all membership and event meetings.

  • Create and distribute agendas for meetings.


  • Manage Fem Dems budget, fund collection, and allocation.

  • Collect and maintain active membership dues and list.

  • Responsible for chartering the Fem Dems each year.

  • Responsible for all Fem Dems financial transactions with accounting firm.


  • Chair of Fundraising Committee.

  • Responsible for the logistics of fundraisers to raise funds specifically to the operations of the Fem Dems

  • Responsible for maintaining relationships with donors.

  • Responsible for these duties, including but not limited to: website hosting, professional treasurer, chartering dues, room rentals and supporting endorsed candidates, measures, etc.


  • Closely works with Communications Director and President to identify potential media opportunities.

  • Manage relationships with media outlets and coordinates interviews with board of directors, members, honorees, etc.

  • Work with the Communications Director and the Communications Outreach Committee to draft releases, statements, etc. for media outreach, website, etc. with approval from President

  • Support Communications Director to refine core messaging to ensure organizational consistency in all aspects of communication including development, organizing and education.

  • Ensure consistent framing of messages in media outreach.

  • Collaborate with Communications Director to develop the advertising, marketing and promotion plans, as needed.

  • Will act as webmaster, maintaining and updating the website as needed.

  • Design and create regular newsletters for membership.


  • Serve as the Fem Dems representative to the Sacramento County Democratic Party and attend regular meetings

  • In the event that the Political Director is unable to act as the Delegate to the Central Committee another officer may be appointed to the Alternate Position by the President.

  • Shall Chair the Political Affairs Committee

  • Oversees the Endorsement Process and makes recommendations to the Executive Board regarding endorsements and the process by which Fem Dems may endorse Democratic candidates, ballot initiatives or other matters of concern without limitation.

  • Liaison to endorsed campaigns and candidates, etc.

  • Assist the Finance Director with all political financial disclosure forms and requirements.

  • Annually charters the Fem Dems with affiliated organizations see Article One section 3


  • Pipeline programming shall be defined as programming and events with a primary focus on leadership development and education on state and local political processes. The goal of pipeline programming shall be to encourage feminists to run for office and navigate the political processes to become viable candidates.

  • With collaboration of the Executive Board, will lead the planning and management of pipeline programming

  • Serves as a liaison to other local organizations to help provide leadership trainings to a broad community base

  • Provides an assistive role to Finance Director and Fundraising Committee to ensure programming is adequately funded (is an ex-officio member of the Fundraising committee)


  • Maintain active membership list and work with Treasurer to collect and track dues.

  • Coordinate an annual membership drive, which can be a single event or a series of events.

  • Responsible for the Logistics of the Happy Hours.

  • Maintain membership tracking lists and responsible for sending welcome emails to new members.

  • Coordinate with local college campuses to recruit new members. Includes working with students who contact us directly, researching and building a rapport with existing feminist campus groups.

  • Work with Communications Director to keep members engaged and updated on social media.

  • Report at general meetings on upcoming membership events, report at board meetings on membership numbers.


  • This is a non-elected, non-voting position appointed by the Executive Board

  • This position advises the Fem Dems and PAC as needed

  • The Executive Board may appoint as many General Counsels as needed


  • This is a non-elected, non-voting position appointed by the Executive Board

  • This position facilitates all elections as needed by the Board


  • This is a non-elected, position

  • This is an officer position automatically bestowed on the person who served as the President of the Fem Dems for the past term

  • In cases where the person who was president for the last term and the President for the current term is the same person, this position is not filled by anyone

  • The Immediate Past President is not permitted to stand in this position if they do not meet the Good Standing Clause