Tampon Tax Bill 2.0 Continues to Face Uphill Battle

Tampon Tax Bill 2.0 Continues to Face Uphill Battle

Authored  by Mary McCune & Kristi Thielen

In 2016, the Fem Dems rallied for AB 1561 (Garcia), most commonly known as the “Tampon Tax.” As the name implies, the bill would remove the tax on feminine hygiene products like tampons and sanitary products...read more to find out what's happening now and how you can get involved!

City Workforce Diversity and Pay Parity in the Sacramento Region

City Workforce Diversity and Pay Parity in the Sacramento Region

On February 22, the Fem Dems of Sacramento submitted a public comment to the Elk Grove City Council requesting that a study be conducted and a strategic plan be implemented to evaluate and improve city workforce diversity and pay parity.  This letter comes as a result of similar requests within the City of Sacramento.  Check out our blog post to read our public comment letter in its entirety.  

Fem Dems Stand in Solidarity with New Dem Clubs

Fem Dems Stand in Solidarity with New Dem Clubs

As stated in the preamble of our bylaws, Fem Dems strives to bring the principles of inclusion, equality, and diversity to the forefront of democracy.  We do this by making sure everyone has a seat at the table and are part of the solution-finding process and amplifying the voices that need it. 

How Sacramento Kings Management Condones Violence Against Women

How Sacramento Kings Management Condones Violence Against Women

How Sacramento Kings Management Condones Violence Against Women

February 1, 2017

To the Sacramento Kings Management & Ownership:

Your continuous excusing of violence against women perpetrated by your players is outrageous and must end immediately.

The fact is, the Sacramento Kings represent Sacramento and its fans. When you travel, you carry the name of our city. And if the Kings players, management, and ownership condone acts of violence committed against women (and any other community), your actions reverberate throughout our community and the nation. Not only are you telling the thousands of kids who worship the team that hitting women is okay, but you are showing the rest of the world that professional sports players can get away with anything.

Here is a refresher on the Kings’ track record.

Matt Barnes: 
Matt Barnes turned himself in to New York City police for choking and knocking out a woman in a New York nightclub in early December. Since the incident, we still haven’t heard any statement issued by the Kings, nor of any consequences for his act of violence. Barnes was hired by the Kings in 2016 while being famous for having a history riddled by domestic violence and anger issues (for more info, click here). He has been repeatedly arrested for such issues and once drove 95 miles to beat up his estranged wife’s boyfriend.

Barnes was hired by the Kings in 2016 while being famous for having a history riddled by domestic violence and anger issues. He has been repeatedly arrested on domestic violence issues (read more on this here), and once drove 95 miles to beat up his estranged wife’s boyfriend (article here).

Darren Collison:
Collison was arrested and charged for domestic violence in 2016 (read article here and here). What was the consequence? Oh right, an 8 game suspension. Professional basketball players get a 5 game suspension for getting caught smoking marijuana for the third time.


Ty Lawson:
On one incident in 2013, he was arrested and faced charges for harassment against his then-pregnant girlfriend (read more here).

On another incident, again in 2013, Lawson was charged with physical assault during a domestic violence dispute. A restraining order was issued against him on behalf of his girlfriend (details here). He had been playing for the Denver Nuggets at the time. What was his teammate’s response? 

‘Wilson Chandler, Lawson’s teammate with the Nuggets, said Monday night  on Twitter:
“Young Ty trying to get that street cred up lol.”’ 

Ty Lawson joined the Kings in 2016, management having full knowledge of his history of domestic abuse.

I ask you this: is this the type of culture we want to support as a community? Is this the kind of team Sacramento wants, or deserves? Three out of the 12 players on the current Kings roster have been charged for violence against women. That is one quarter of our team.

Sacramento: is this what we stand for?

This is absolutely unacceptable and I expect the Kings management and ownership to make the first step to remedy this situation by adopting a moral turpitude policy that empowers the ownership and management to fire a Kings member with domestic violence charges filed against him**.

What you currently represent is not what I stand for as an individual being part of this community and as a fan of the Sacramento Kings. I expect a team which represents me and my community to have standards, and show that there are consequences for physically assaulting women (or men). Professional sports players must be held accountable, just like anyone else in our community.

I call for the immediate firing of Matt Barnes, Darren Collison, and Ty Lawson.

Now who’s with me?
Want to make your voice heard?

  • Call the Kings: 916 - 701 - 5400

  • Email the Kings: kings@kings.com

  • Tweet at the Kings: @SacramentoKings

  • Write to the Kings: Golden One Center
                                    500 David J Stern Walk
                                    Sacramento, CA 95814

Don’t have the time/know what to write in your letter? Here’s our template letter
Print, sign, and send it!

  • Do all of the above! Let’s hold the Sacramento Kings accountable.

Candice Riley
Fem Dems of Sacramento Board Member


**Being charged with domestic violence is a legal accusation. However, the instances of false accusations are so low, that the Kings ownership should have the authority, and are urged to, break contracts with charged players in instances like those illustrated above.


Vogue Magazine - Not So In Tune with the Women's March

Vogue Magazine - Not So In Tune with the Women's March

To the Editor of Vogue,

From the very first sentence to the last, your article, “Of Course Rihanna Had the Coolest Protest Look at the Women’s March,”  flabbergasted me. So many times did I stop reading just to check that I hadn’t accidentally stumbled upon an Onion article.

As a large publication with a worldwide reach - Vogue, you should be ashamed. In one stroke of the pen, you demeaned the entire point of the Women’s March: We demand respect. This article managed to undermine the movement fighting for equal rights for all genders, races, and creeds by choosing to discuss what type of shoes Rihanna was wearing and whether it was a good choice for her to make considering the walk.

When reporting on such an important historical event such as the Women’s March, the words you use are important. Here, you are telling your readers they aren’t worth the effort of reporting on the events of the day, or the meaning of the march. This article is a reminder that we’re not out of the woods yet, and we have a great deal of work to do before women can be taken seriously. One day, we can only hope, that the words Sheryl Sandberg says will be more important than her shoes; Carrie Fisher’s fight for pay equity will be more important than whether or not she had botox done; and Rihanna can be celebrated as a feminist badass who fights for her community rather than being reduced to Dior t-shirt-wearer.

Thank you, Vogue, for reducing my worth as a woman to the clothes I wear. Thank you for reminding me what I am fighting for and against. Thank you for demeaning Rihanna to a lifeless model instead of celebrating her courage in standing up for our collective rights and supporting her community.

As an FYI, on Saturday, January 21st 2017, the day of the worldwide Women’s March, the largest demonstration in the history of the United States, I wore Target jeans, boots, a cotton purple sweatshirt, and a great big middle finger in the air to whomever may judge me solely on my appearance instead of my value as an individual.

In this climate of political and social upheaval, I ask that your articles be more understanding and in tune with your demographic.

Sincerely disappointed,

Candice Riley
Fem Dems of Sacramento Board Member


Annual Bylaws Changes Review

Annual Bylaws Changes Review

With this rapid growth within our organization, the Fem Dems Executive Board has taken a thoughtful approach by ensuring each proposed bylaws change promotes inclusion, transparency, and increased leadership development within our membership.  We believe that the six substantive bylaws changes below will ensure success for our incoming leadership and the organization as a whole

ADEM Elections: A Deeper Dive

ADEM Elections: A Deeper Dive

The Fem Dems of Sacramento have always encouraged our membership to pursue pathways to influence, whether it be through grassroots campaigning, a local non-profit organization, or most commonly, through running for office. While not a publically-held office, this private party election helps determine the voice of the state Democratic Party, which can pack a punch to a candidate's endorsements come election season.  Candidates who can tout a party endorsement can rely on, in many cases, several thousand votes for those who bring party voter guides with them into the election booth.

Re-envisioning the Democratic Party, Fem Dems Style

Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 2.48.34 PM.png

Today’s political environment presents an uncharted territory for the future of America. Visceral narratives have flooded the media for months, particularly ones that the threaten the liberties and freedoms of those who are most vulnerable in society. 

From grabbing women by their “pussies” without consent, to presidential cabinet members that reject the fundamental rights of women and the LGBT community, to a virtual complete lack of understanding for the unique circumstances people of color face in America’s criminal justice and penal systems -- it is clear the path ahead is an uncertain one.

But it is not a hopeless one.

It is important now, more than ever, that California’s Democratic Party continue its fight to stand up for those who need it most. Through true representation, we can create leadership that reflects the values and perspectives of California’s increasingly diverse electorate, and pushes for real change.

The Fem Dems of Sacramento have advanced these values for women in our fight for pay equity, reproductive rights and social liberties. It is our charge that one day, without fail, we will have political, economic and social equity for all. 

Until then, we will continue to be a voice for the disenfranchised.

As a part of this growing effort, The Fem Dems encourage our members to consider declaring themselves as candidates for Assembly Democratic Party (ADEM) Delegates by applying to run here. 

So, what even is ADEM? You may ask.

ADEM delegates are elected by voters in each assembly district (7 men and 7 women) to vote on behalf of the communities they represent at Regional Meetings and the California Democratic Convention. Essentially, through this tool, delegates have the ability to vet and support candidates that reflect the growing and diverse electorate of California, and to help to mold the Democratic Party into one that truly connects to the people.  Elections will be held on Saturday, January 7 or Sunday January 8, 2017, depending on the Assembly District.  Click here to find out your ADEM election date and location.

Hurry! The deadline to apply is TOMORROW, DECEMBER 8, 2016. 

CALL TO ACTION: If you have submitted an application to run in your Assembly District, reach out to us at info@femdems.org.

Thank you for being #StrongerTogether with us!

Thank you for being #StrongerTogether with us!

We're making huge strides in becoming an empowering, effective, democratic, and positive grassroots movement dedicated to standing up and fighting back for progressive values when it's needed now more than ever. We are not just protesting - we're directly changing the system. We're going to organize, we're going to win, and we're going to legislate.

Stronger Together: Coalition Meeting Recap

Stronger Together: Coalition Meeting Recap

Just days after the election, the Fem Dems of Sacramento convened Stronger Together, a coalition meeting for women and men with a shared frustration over the results of the election and who want to organize the community to take action to make sure what happened on November 8 does not happen again.  Check out our recap here.