At our May 2017 General Meeting, we had an interactive discussion led by a panel of parents and maternal health experts that covered the following topics:

- Fertility and adoption process
- Miscarriages
- Postpartum depression
- Breastfeeding

Appropriate access to mental health care is a paramount issue for new mothers. Up to 20 percent of new or expectant mothers will experience a mental health disorder during their pregnancy or the first year following childbirth, which may include depression, anxiety, or postpartum psychosis. Untreated, maternal mental health disorders can impair the long and short-term health of affected mothers and their children.

Early detection and referral services are key to providing the much needed mental health treatment new mothers deserve. AB 244 creates a tele-health referral pilot program to effectively prevent, identify, and manage post partum depression and other mental health conditions.

Join us in signing on in support of Assemblymember Sabrina Cervantes' AB 244, Maternal Mental Health Pilot Program, to improve health care access for new and expectant mothers. 

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